Denton Inquiry 4 Lifelong Learning Book Study

On October 8, 2012, we will conduct a workshop to launch our year-long book study. Our literacy community will read:


Guided Inquiry Design: A Framework for Your School by Carol C. Kuhlthau, Leslie K. Maniotes, and Ann K. Caspari (Libraries Unlimited, 2012)
ISBN: 978-1610690096

Agenda and Resources for the October 8, 2012 Workshop


Short Articles for Small Group Reading/Discussion


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Chapter 1 Guided Inquiry Design: The Process, the Learning, and the Team

Chapter 2 The Research Behind the Design

Chapter 3 Inquiry Tools: Strategies for Guided Inquiry

Chapter 4: Open: Invitation to Inquiry, Open Minds, Stimulate Curiosity

Chapter 5: Immerse: Building Background Knowledge, Connect to Content, Discover Interesting Ideas

Chapter 6 Explore: Explore Interesting Ideas, Look Around, Dip In

Chapter 7: Identify: Pause and Ponder, Identify Inquiry Question, Decide Direction

Chapter 8: Gather: Gather Important Information, Go Broad, Go Deep

Chapter 9: Create: Reflect on Learning, Go Beyond Facts to Make Meaning, Create to Communicate

Chapter 10: Share: Learn from Each Other, Share Learning, Tell Your Story

Chapter 11 Evaluate: Evaluate Achievement of Learning Goals, Reflect on Content, Reflect on Process

Chapter 12 Building Guided Inquiry in Your School

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