Units of Instruction


In Year One of this project, all members of the DI4LL community read Guided Inquiry Design: A Framework for Your School (Kuhlthau, Maniotes, and Caspari 2012). Various collaborators on this project provided summaries and/or thinking prompts for each chapter in the book to serve as guides and review sources. These are linked in the Book Study area of this wiki.

In Year Two, Dr. Judi Moreillon, DI4LL Educational Consultant, developed three inquiry units of instruction. The lessons and supporting documents are linked to this page. These units include all eight phases of the Guided Inquiry Design Framework. As of June, 2014, the Denton ISD (DISD) librarians have three complete inquiry units of instruction to coteach with classroom teacher colleagues or to serve as guides for their own work.

Inquiry for preK-12 Students

Overarching Theme: Knowledge is in the Community.

Third-grade Social Studies-ELA-R Inquiry Unit - Topic: How Our Community Gets Food (Unit completed April 26, 2014)

Eight-grade Social Studies-ELA-R Inquiry Unit - Topic: Denton County - Before, During, and After the Civil War (Unit completed June 8, 2014)

Ninth-grade Social Studies-ELA-R Inquiry Unit - Topic: Human Geography (applied in the Denton Community) (Unit completed June 25, 2014)

DI4LL Lesson Plan Template:

Inquiry for Librarians

Open: In November 2013, the DISD librarians conducted a review of the project so far. This conversation was designed to be the Open phase of the librarians' inquiry into the design framework.

Immerse: In January 2014, the DISD librarians deconstructed and suggested revisions for the first three lesson plans as the Immerse phase of their inquiry into the design framework. Judi used their feedback to revise the lesson plans before adding lessons for the next phases of the process. This graphic organizer and information sheet assisted librarians in this process: